How does Roberts financing work?

We've been in business for over 30 years, our staff has years of experience financing thousands customers. Whether you are a first time buyer, have less than perfect credit, or have stellar credit - we have options. We work with credit unions and are a part of CUDL, we also work with traditional lenders such as Capital One and Wells Fargo.
The process is pretty simple. Whether you come down in person or buy online and have a vehicle delivered, to get approved we simply need one of our credit apps filled out (there is a link here on our website above). From there, one of our awesome staff will grab that application, look it over and process accordingly from there. If approved, we'll get back to you with payment and rate information. If anything else is needed by the lender, we'll let you know!

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I am a first-time buyer, are there any options for me?

Yes! There are options for first-time car buyers.
There are lenders who have options for first-time buyers. Typically lenders like to see that the applicant has been on their current job for at least 1 year. A down payment is also good, but this also applies to everyone. The more you have available for a down looks good for the lender. You should also make sure you have enough income to afford a car payment. If you are looking at a $15,000 vehicle for example, you'd probably want to gross (before taxes) at least $1800 a month.
Having no credit is not a bad thing, you just haven't established credit yet. However, not all credit comes from loans. If you forgot to pay your phone bill or electric bill, this could also affect your credit. Worst case, lenders always welcome co-signers. When you apply with a co-signer, the lenders goes off your co-signers credit, but you make the payments and thus build up your credit history.
We work with first-time buyers all the time. However, we really can't tell just what we can do until we get the credit application. If we have a vehicle you are really interested and are ready to try, simply fill out our credit application and we'll get back to you and go over all the details. If you think you might not make enough, etc, it never hurts to see if you have a co-signer available ahead of time to speed the process up.

My credit score is not so great, what can I do?

We do have options here. Less than prefect credit scores are ok, it is what is in the credit report history that lenders look at. They also look at income, how much of a down payment you may or may not have, what vehicle you are looking at and so on.
A huge plus for our shoppers and getting financed is that our cars are priced pretty cheap. Seriously. Many of our vehicles are even priced below Blue Book. This helps us get many financed that we might not have otherwise. The lenders like that what you owe on that just purchased vehicle is much closer to the value.
Our vehicles are also newer, so lenders know we're not selling an old beat up vehicle that is going to break down sooner rather than later, meaning our shoppers are less likely to have payment issues on a vehicle that won't run - our vehicles are new enough that they will last that much longer.

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What if I decide the car isn't right for me after purchase?

We're include a 5-day money back guarantee on all our cars, so you are covered!
What this means is that you have 5 days to test drive your new vehicle, check it out and make sure it fits you and your family. You want to be happy and we certainly want you to be happy. If you decide the vehicle just isn't right for you, let us know before 5 days and bring the car back! We then simply tear up the paper work like it never happened and give back your trade-in if you had one. Or you can pick out a new vehicle! There's absolutely no risk to you at all. None. No hassles, no questions - insanely convenient.

Who is Roberts Auto Sales?

A proud California dealer for over 30 years!
Best Used Car Dealer by the Modesto Bee readers for over 16 years in a row We've been selling hundreds of vehicles each month from our location and now we're at the next level by delivering vehicles to customers! Most likely if you have friends or family throughout the Central Valley, Bay Area or even down towards Fresno, someone knows someone who has purchased from us!

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