Risk Free Money Back Guarantee


"The greatest EXPERIENCE I've had at a DEALERSHIP ever."

Timothy P. - Google Review


Why choose Roberts?

Risk free, no strings attached, industry leading, money back guarantee. Yeah, it's awesome.

Risk Free. Yes, Risk Free.

What happens if the vehicle you pick isn't quite right? You have a 5 day money back guarantee - no strings attached.

REALLY Low Prices

You are looking for a new car or truck, you see our cheap prices and wonder, "what's the catch?" We are just awesome at buying cars at cheap prices and passing that savings on to you. Again, you have a risk free money back guarantee.

Safety Checks

Safety is a big deal for us. We imagine if our family were driving our cars, would we feel safe about it? We have to answer yes to that question on every single vehicle we sell so we are confident you, our customer, is just as safe.

Pristine Vehicle Condition

Whether you are looking around online, or at our location, you might be wondering why these cars look so good but are priced so low... to be blunt, our service center and detail department are amazing at reconditioning.

Where Do Our Cars Come From?

Our vehicles come from the same place every other dealer gets their vehicle from, whether a big brand name or a tiny little used dealer - auctions, trade-ins, private purchases. In fact, many dealers even buy our vehicles from us at auction because of the reconditioning we do to our vehicles.

What If I Don't Like A Car I Buy?

Just bought a car but are worried you might not like the vehicle once you get it home? Not a problem, you have a 5 day, risk free, no strings attached, money back guarantee. Bring it right back to us within 5 days and we'll take it back.

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The real question is...why not buy from Roberts?