Want to trade in your vehicle?

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Trade-In FAQ's

**Your carrier may have texting charges.

Do you accept any vehicle as a trade-in?

We accept cars, trucks, suvs, vans and in some circumstances, motorcycles! If you have something else, let us know!

What do you base your values on?

Our staff here at Roberts runs a couple reports on each vehicle to help us get a more accurate, real world estimate. These reports include an auction report as well as a Kelly Blue Book® report. Then once we are able to view the vehicle in person, we make any adjustments needed. Our goal is to get you a competitive value.

Would you buy my car without me buying one from you?

Yes! We do buy cars! We run the cars through similar evaluations in determining what we can off you for it.

Once I send in my trade-in info, how long will the process take to get a quote back?

We can typically respond to a quote within an hour so, depending how busy we are at that time. All submissions are handled by live people in real time we do our best to get back to you ASAP!


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