All vehicles are backed by a 5-day money back guarantee!

All our vehicles run through multiple inspections to ensure safety and reliability of each vehicle. We check interior, exterior, engine, and drivability.


We check for road noise, vibration, alignment and other on the road driving issues.


The vehicle interior is inspected for any odors, safety belt issues, headliner, radio and other interior checks.


Our inspections look for any light, tire, window, mirrors, body and other exterior problems.

Engine/Under Hood

Under the hood we inspect fluid levels, look for leaks, check electrical and a number of other engine related items.


We inspect axels, check 4x4, brakes, look for corrosion, the drivetrain and other underneath inspections.


Legal inspections are done to ensure it passes smog, doesn't have any weight issues and is legal to be driving.

Service contracts and GAP insurance are also readily available.